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What is a Real Dog Box?
What is a Real Dog Box?
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Real Dog Box is a monthly box of real, unprocessed dog treats and chews delivered to your home. Our treats and chews are made from 100% meat and unlike store-bought treats filled with wheat and grains, Real treats are more appropriate for the canine species and carnivores. Unprocessed means our treats and chews are not heated or cooked in any way. We make all of our food ourselves, right here in San Diego. We do not use any flavorings, additives, chemicals or preservatives. We literally mean it when we say, "just real food."

Every month we make a new combination of fresh treats and chews! Our goal is to provide your pup with diverse nutrients through a variety of proteins and to keep your pup excited for something new each month.

Learn more about our box types here.

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