Reward. Train. Entertain.

The best thing about our food is just that - it is food! You can feed our treats as a reward or during training or you can sprinkle our treats on top of your pup’s daily meals. You can also rehydrate our treats in warm water for a few minutes to create a softer, meatier texture that is perfect for senior dogs or those with dental challenges.

Our chews were great for keeping your pup entertained and to provide some awesome dental benefits. You can feed our chews as snacks between meals or even use them to supplement your pup's daily meals. To make our chews extra challenging, you can feed them frozen or try out our Super Chew add-on.

Wash your hands.

We recommend that you wash your hands with warm water and soap thoroughly after 1) handling any dog food, treats or chews and 2) after handling dog poop (feces). It's safer for you and smells better!

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