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How do you make your treats and chews?
How do you make your treats and chews?
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All of our treats and chews are air-dried.

Air-dried means they are not cooked, baked or treated with high heat. They are either sliced or placed whole on stainless steel grates in a well air-circulated room for 30-120 hours. We do not add any flavorings, chemicals or preservatives. We add a light coating of coconut oil on the grates to some items like organs to prevent sticking.

Our method of air-drying replicates the ancient tradition of sun-drying. The temperature our food dries at does not exceed 125 degrees. Drying at this low temperature allows us to keep the nutritional profile of our treats and chews intact and allows any item to be rehydrated back to its original form. 

We strongly recommend that you wash your hands with warm water and soap thoroughly after 1) handling any dog food, treats or chews and 2) after handling dog poop (feces). It's safer for you and smells better!

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