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My dog doesn't like a treat or a chew this month. What do I do?
My dog doesn't like a treat or a chew this month. What do I do?
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Just like us, we understand that not all dogs have the same taste preferences. Sometimes it can take a couple of tries for your pup to adjust to something new.

Quick tip: You can sprinkle our treats on top of their food OR rehydrate them in warm water for a few minutes so they can still take advantage of the amazing nutritional benefits of our treats. Sometimes changing the texture of food entices your pup to try the treat again and gives them a chance to reap the benefits from our food. After all, you don’t just let your kid skip the broccoli all together… sometimes you just have to sneak it into a smoothie!

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your dog simply does not love one of the items in your box, just message or text us at 858-348-5954 or email We'll happily replace the item*, make a note in our system and you'll never see that treat again. *You must notify us within 30 days of receiving the item.

With our high quality products, user-friendly website and exceptional customer service team, we'll keep both you and your pup satisfied.

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