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How do I choose the right box?
How do I choose the right box?

Do I get treats or chews?

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Each box is designed for one dog, but choosing the right size depends on your pup’s age, activity and chew tendency, rather than their size or breed. See our different box types here.

We have chihuahuas that are very strong chewers that get our full size box and senior dobermans that get our Treat Only box because they’re not interested in chewing anymore. Sprinkling treats on their food helps build their appetite and get some extra nutrition added into daily meals. 

Does your pup do a lot of training? Get a box with treats in it.
Is your pup teething or an avid chewer? Get a box with chews in it.
Is your pup an aggressive chewer or perhaps not getting enough physical activity? Add a super chew.

Is your pup finicky with their meals? Add a Food Topper or bag of Meatballs.
Do you have more than one dog? Get a Treat & Chew Box to try out first. Then add on extra treats, chews, meatballs or a food topper as needed.

Treats are great for training and using in treat dispensers for fun, indoor games. You can also use them as meal toppers for dry or fresh food.

Chews help keep pups mentally stimulated (busy) and ease their craving to chew on your couch. You can also throw our chews in the freezer to make them more challenging or to help soothe itchy, teething gums.

You can try every single one of our boxes to figure out which works best for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re unsure where to start. We’re here to help!

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