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Suggestions for Getting your Dog Interested in Chews
Suggestions for Getting your Dog Interested in Chews
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Getting dogs interested in our chews can be a challenge. Some dogs are finicky, some just don't know what to do with their chews. We have a few suggestions to help get your pup chewing away!

Offer it as the only chew of the day -- sometimes if a pup gets a whiff of another chew they really like and know it's available, they'll hold out for that one. I've also seen pups shy away from chews that they think are too hard... could that be that case? If so, my 2nd suggestion is to put it in hot water to rehydrate it. That usually opens up their appetite and curiosity with a different smell and texture.

If that doesn't work, we do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee -- anything your pup doesn't like, we'll replace at no charge and add it to your Do Not Send List. 

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