Not happy with our service? No worries, you can cancel your subscription anytime after receiving your first shipment. We don't tie you in for multi-month subscriptions like other box subscription companies, the only thing we ask is that you give us a shot before cancelling.

If you prefer to buy a one-time box to try us out, you can purchase yourself or a friend a gift card through our gift page.

You must request to cancel your box at least 24 hours before your box renewal. We make every box fresh to order and as soon as your box renews, we are preparing your box for shipment, and it's important that we receive your request to cancel before your box renews.

How to Cancel

Just log in to your account and click on "Manage Dog." Then, click on the pencil next to your pup's subscription and scroll down to "Subscription Settings." Choose "Cancel My Subscription" and it will send a cancellation request to our team.

** It takes up to 24 hours for our team to receive your request and reach out to finalize your cancellation.

If you have a membership and a box, assure you are requesting to cancel the correct subscription or both.

You can also text us a message on our customer service line (858-348-5954) or message in our chat window, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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