Introducing chews to your dog can be a different experience for each dog! There is no "set way" to introduce the chews, but we do have some recommendations we can give you.

The first one is to START SMALL! We recommend trying one chew at a time and seeing how your dog tolerates it. For example, if I got a box of chews with chicken feet and beef trachea, I'm going to pick one of them and start small. If you gave both at the same time and for some reason your dog didn't tolerate it well, you wouldn't know which one might be the reason! 

Say I give one chicken foot that week. Normal stool? No tummy upset? Great! Maybe next week I will do one every 3-4 days, ect. Maybe next week I will switch and try the beef trachea. See what works best for your dog, there is no right or wrong answer and it depends on the size of the dog as well. Maybe your chihuahua should only get one chew a week but your great dane can tolerate two! 

Are you worried your dog will eat the chew too fast? Try holding the chew so your dog can't scarf it down (it's very tempting). 

If your dog eats most of the chew and then leaves left over pieces, go ahead and toss them but know that all of our chews are completely and fully edible.

You can freeze the chews to make them last longer and make them tougher to chew.

For more info check out this article!

We hope this helps! :)

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