The Secret Shop is an online store where members can purchase our freshly made treats on demand. The Secret Shop includes any surplus of familiar items, treats and chews in testing, and Real Dog Box swag like sticker packs!

You must have an active Real Dog Box subscription to access the Secret Shop. Members can access the Secret Shop at this link:

Members must pay for shipping for all Secret Shop orders, and orders are shipped out within 2-3 business days.

Current Menu Items:
Anchovy bits, beef aorta chews, beef backstrap chews, beef trachea chews, bison trachea, bull pizzle chews, drake duck feet, duck heads, duck neck chews, ground elk, ground green lipped mussels, ground organ mix, ground pork heart, ground rockfish, ground salmon skin, ground smelt, little lamb ears, lamb patella, omega-3 nuggets, picky eater mix, pig ear chews, pig skin chews, pollock bits, pork tails, salmon bits, smelt bits, steer pizzle chews, turkey bits

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