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How do I feed the Food Topper?
How do I feed the Food Topper?
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Real Dog Food Topper is a pre-mixed 50/50 blend of ground liver and another secreting organ. Each organ is dried, then ground, made with only two ingredients. Never any additives, colorings, or preservatives.

It is perfect for balancing DIY raw meals or getting those finicky eaters to dig into their meals. The 50/50 blend also alternates each month so your pup gets variety.

Generally, we recommend feeding:

Small dogs: 1 teaspoon

Medium dogs: 2 teaspoons

Large dogs: 1 tablespoon

Extra large dogs: 1.5 tablespoons

Giant dogs: 2 tablespoons

If you plan to feed the Food Topper as your organ source in your DIY raw meal, here is how to calculate exactly how much to feed for your dog's weight:

  1. Take your dog's weight and multiple it by 2.5% (usually feed 2%-3% of body weight to maintain present weight) (example: 61 lb dog x .025 = 1.525 lbs/day)

  2. Multiple the daily amount of food (1.525 lbs) by 10% (.10) and again by 16 to convert to ounces (example: 1.525 x .10 x 16 = 2.44 ounces) - this gives you the amount of FRESH organ meat you would feed daily

  3. Take the fresh organ meat amount and multiple it by 20% to get the dried amount (example: 2.44 ounces x .20 = .48 ounces dried organ meat)

  4. Finally, convert ounces to tsp or tbsp!

Text our team to add it to your box for just $12!

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