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Real Dog Box Social Media Policy
Real Dog Box Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

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Real Dog Box Social Media Policy

We want to have a respectful space for our members. We have some guidelines for our community.

Our goal is to talk about real food and fresh feeding.

This is not a forum to argue or debate kibble feeding.

It is not a place to attack our company, our members or our audience.

We want experienced raw or fresh feeders as part of our community as well as to welcome those new to this way of feeding.

This does not mean you can’t feed your dog kibble or any other type of food or treat.

We’re not here to censor people or shut down those that don’t agree with us, it’s to stay true to what we support as a company and a way to protect the space for our community members.

We also do not tolerate openly antagonistic or disrespectful language. That means when we feel that the tone of the conversation is confrontational that account will be blocked from the page.

There are many options out there if you want to debate or have a free for all. You are welcome to go to those groups or pages. There is nothing wrong with those communities, but that is not what we stand for which is why we will be moderating our community closely.

We want people who want to learn about real food, a place to learn and grow.

If you have any questions you can email us at

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