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Why was I charged twice?
Why was I charged twice?

Does it look like you were billed twice?

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If you are signed up for a monthly box and a Wellness Membership it may appear you were charged twice. It is correct for you to receive two invoices.

At checkout, you will confirm your total before you finalize it.

The Wellness Membership and subscription box are 2 separate subscriptions so you will receive 2 individual receipts.

If you have a Wellness Membership and box, each month you will have 2 invoices. You may have more than 2 if you have multiple dog subscriptions.

You will see one charge for your subscription total. This amount depends on what items you have selected.

You will also see a charge for the Wellness Membership. $22 per month ($27 for Canada) or $204 annually ($276 for Canada).

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