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What is the gift shop?
What is the gift shop?

How can I buy a box without a subscription?

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The Gift Shop is an online store where you can purchase our freshly made treats and chew on demand without a subscription.

Products in our gift shop include:

$68 Treats & chews - 6 bags. 3 bags each of treats and chews.

$15 Real meatballs - One 8oz bag of our real meatballs.

$7 Real Sampler - 5 sample packs of our most popular treats.

Gift cards in any amount you desire

*Menu and meatball protein will vary. Gifts are NOT guaranteed to have to current lineup.

**There is a $2 fee for gift orders.

Gifts are non-refundable. Real Dog is not responsible for misdelivered packages if the address is entered incorrectly.

You can access the gift shop at

Current menu items vary. All sales are final. Each item is limited to 8 per transaction. Be sure to introduce all treats and chews slowly and limit chew sessions to 15 minutes.

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