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Real Dog Price Match Rules & Terms
Real Dog Price Match Rules & Terms
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Real Dog Treat & Chew Box Price Match Rules

On occasion, Real Dog posts a price match challenge to social media.

*Check with member service for active promos*

If you can beat $60 for our current lineup you will get $500 (sometimes increased to $1000!)


  • Proteins must be exactly the same as the current lineup. For example: Anchovy can't replace capelin.

  • Products must be air-dried (not dehydrated)

  • Sourced and made in the US.

  • Products must be single ingredient. No preservatives, flavors, colors, etc.

  • You can NOT divide the bags for a cheaper price. For example: If you find a bag of 6 cow ears for $15 you can't say 3 ears would be $7.50.

  • Products must be of an equal or greater size than our items.

    • Muscle meat - 3oz

    • Organ meat - 2oz

    • Seafood - 2oz

    • Chews will vary. See the current lineup for bag quantities.

  • We may increase the prize before ending the challenge if there is no winner

  • Promo is only active for select dates.

Real Dog reserves the right to end this promo without notice.

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