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How do I feed your treats?
How do I feed your treats?
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  • Introduce one protein at a time.

  • Feed a small amount (less than the size of a quarter) and wait 24 hours. Monitor the poop and if it looks normal you can feed a little more.

  • If their poop turns soft wait until it is back to normal before reintroducing the treat.

The most common reason for diarrhea and vomiting is overfeeding or feeding too much too soon. We encourage you to feed responsibly and feed in small amounts.

It's important to remember that a lot of moisture is lost in the drying process and the treats and chews are much denser than they appear. Even if you fed a small piece it is much more food than it appears.

Example: A 2oz bag of beef liver is made from approximately 7oz of raw beef liver! That is almost half a pound!

You can see how much raw meat is in each bag by reading the info card included with every product.

When in doubt, feed less than you think you should.

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