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Are you a new customer looking for a deal when you sign up? Check out the Real Dog Box Deals page!

  • Deals are available for a limited time. Once the deal expires it will not be honored.

  • Unless otherwise stated, deals are only available for new customers. If you are in our system you don't qualify as a new customer.

  • Deals cannot be combined with any other sale or promotion.

  • Customers using a referral link can choose to redeem the referral promo (a free bag of treats in their first box) or use the active deal. They can't be combined. The person who referred them will still earn RDC if the new customer chooses the "deal."

  • Deals are not subject to return, refund, or replacement.

  • Freebies are not subject to restrictions.

  • Unless otherwise stated, freebies are valid in the first box only. For example, if the offer is for a free bag of meatball the free bag is only included in the FIRST box.

Real Dog Box reserves the right to change or cancel these deals at any time.

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