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What makes Real Dog Box different than other subscriptions?
What makes Real Dog Box different than other subscriptions?
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First and most importantly, we make all of our own food.

Unlike other subscription boxes that curate their food from various companies, we make all of our treats and chews ourselves - right here in California! We control every step of each treat's journey: from building relationships with our meat suppliers to slicing, packaging and shipping directly to where your pup is. (Yes, we can even ship to you while you're on vacation.) 

We know exactly how our food is made and we think you should too! You can always reach us to discuss your pup's nutritional needs and preferences simply by texting us or chatting with us within your account. 

We have NO commitments or cancellation fees. You can cancel your box anytime after receiving your first shipment!

You won't find any toys in your box, just real food.

Instead of plastic or rubber toys, we offer a variety of fully digestible chews each month. We know dogs have a natural craving to chew and destroy things - our chews serve as nutritious toys with many health and dental benefits. We even have Super Chews for the power chewers out there!

We make it simple.

Simple to feel good about what you feed your dog.

Simple to start, skip and stop your subscription.

Simple to feed your pup well and have more time with your best friend!

We do the research for you.

We know that dogs evolved from wolves and that their digestive tracts are 99% identical. We also know that real, wholesome foods are much better for us than processed foods. We would even go as far to say that if left up to them, dogs would not choose a bag of processed kibble over real food or whole prey... they rely on us to make that decision for them. Every single ingredient in your box is carefully chosen for its nutritional benefits and diversity.

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