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Are bones safe for my dog?
Are bones safe for my dog?
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Unless specified as a “Recreational Chew,” all of our chews containing bones are safe for your dog. They are also incredibly nutritious and a great source of calcium and phosphorous.

Every single chew we carry is fully digestible.

Since we air-dry our food, the cell structure of each protein remains unaltered. This means that you can rehydrate any treat or chew back to its original form. 

Although digestible, it is important to monitor your dog and not overfeed. Anything that goes into your dog's mouth comes with the risk of choking, digestive issues, and dental damage.

Overfeeding may result in digestive upset, incomplete digestion, or other issues.

Please read here for more information.

Recreational Chews like knuckle or marrow bones are NOT meant to be completely consumed. They offer an excellent way for dogs to exercise their jaws and clean their teeth while consuming amino and essential fatty acids. We do not carry any recreational chews at this time, but if you are looking for recommendations for your pup, don't hesitate to send us a message.

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