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Do you have a referral program?
Do you have a referral program?

How to refer friends for free treats!

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Yes! We are so thankful to our loyal members who have recommended their friends and family to our service <3

For every person you refer, you get 10 Real Dog Coins. (RDC) RDC can be converted to a monetary credit and used towards your next box, membership, add-ons, in secret shop, and even at Feed Real! Wellness Members will earn 20 RDC for each referral! Learn more here!

How to Earn Real Dog Coin

To earn points, invite your friends to sign up using your unique Referral Link. 

  1. Get your referral link. Text our team to set up your referral link. This username will be used to create a permanent and unique referral link to track new members that sign up using your link. The format of your unique referral link will be -

  2. Invite friends directly from your account. You can also refer friends by entering their name and contact information on the Invite page of your Real Dog Box account. Prospective Members will be sent a unique invitation link inviting them to sign up for a Membership (“Invitation Link”).

Referral Rewards

Once your friend successfully signs up, you (the referring Member) will be credited with ten (10) RDC.* Once the RDC are credited to your wallet you can convert them to a credit to spend as you'd like!

1 RDC = $1 USD

*These coin redemption rewards may be changed at anytime
**Read the Terms & Conditions of our Real Referral Program

Need help? Text our Member Service team 858-348-5954 or email us

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