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Exciting Enhancements & Pricing Updates 2023
Exciting Enhancements & Pricing Updates 2023
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As of 9/23/23 Real Dog Box price structure will be changing.

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best for you and your dog, we've got a couple of updates we're excited to share.

Free Shipping On All Boxes*

From our Treat Only to Treat and Chew, every single Real Dog Box will now be delivered with FREE shipping! We were able to score a remarkable deal with our shipping carriers and want to pass these savings on to you.

Shipping will be free for all subscriptions that include a box or at least 3 add ons.

Profiles with multiple dogs are each considered individual subscriptions. Each subscription must have a box or at least 3 add-ons otherwise, they will require a shipping charge.

Add-ons: Our box add-ons (meatballs, super chews, and organ mix) are not eligible for free shipping unless:

  • They are included with a box subscription

  • The customer is purchasing 3 or more add-ons

One-time orders: One-time orders are not eligible for free shipping unless they are 3 or more items

Revamped Wellness Membership

As part of our pack, we believe in rewarding loyalty. While our wellness membership previously offered exclusive access to free shipping, we're taking it a leap further. Members now enjoy a 5% cash back** (RDC) on all purchases of physical product, deposited directly to your wallet.

Plus, when you send us some new dog-loving friends, we're doubling the referral points for every new subscriber you bring our way! Double referral points are for Wellness Members only.

Shipping fees in the Secret Shop will be waived if you place an order of 3 or more items and 1 or more sell out resulting in a shipping charge. You can learn more here!

Wellness Members continue to get
-free monthly nutrition consultations
-early access to the secret shop
-free access to Feed Real Institute research articles

We're also increasing the portion sizes on some of our light chew bags! For example, chicken feet will increase to 5 pieces to a bag!

With these enhancements, to accommodate for cost increases and to maintain the high-quality of our food, there will be a slight adjustment in our pricing. With all these added benefits, we believe it’s worth it and hope you will too.

Super Chews $12
Meatballs $15
Treat Only Box $32
Chew Only Box $35

Mini Box $35
Treat and Chew Box $60

FREE SHIPPING is included with these prices, effective Friday, Sept 22, 2023.

Your trust and your dogs' drool and wagging tails, inspire us every day. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team at or text 858.348.5954.

Update Summary:

New prices are as follows:

Treat & Chew Box - $60

Chew Only Box - $35

Mini Box $35
Treat Only Box - 32

Super Chew - $12

Ground Organ Kibble Topper - $12

Ancestral Meatballs - $15

Wellness Membership Updates

The Wellness Membership will now include the following:

  • One 20-minute consultation per cycle with one of our certified canine nutritionists

  • Early access to the Secret Shop

  • Text notifications for Secret Shop drops

  • Access to all of the articles on

  • Double referral points. Any referral signups during a period of active membership will earn 20 Real Dog Coins

  • Loyalty rewards. Wellness members will earn 5% back on all purchases (does not include taxes, shipping, gift card usage, or RDC usage)

Annual memberships are eligible for a credit per our cancelation policy. You can read that policy here.

*Free shipping applies to packages leaving our facility. Customers are responsible for shipping on returned orders.

**5% back does not include taxes, shipping, gift card purchase/usage, or RDC usage

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