Real Dog Box was created as a recurring monthly subscription to make fresh feeding easy and accessible. And we now have more options to fit your lifestyle!

Effective 8/9/21 we will be switching from being exclusively subscription-based to also include a monthly membership!

Subscription Only

The subscription-only option is your month-to-month recurring order that automatically renews every 4 weeks (28 days).

Box prices are dropping but they will no longer include free shipping. Shipping prices will vary by box weight and location, and typically are between $7-13 per box.

In addition to our regular box options you are now able to have a meatball only or super chew only subscription as well!

Customers that don't update their subscription/membership choice before their renewal date will automatically be moved to this option.

Subscription box prices are as follows:

Treat and Chew box - $34 plus shipping

Chew only box - $19 plus shipping

Treat only box - $17 plus shipping

Mini box - $19 plus shipping

Super chew - $10 plus shipping

Meatball - $10 plus shipping

Secret Shop - Subscription customers have access to the Secret Shop. The customer is responsible for shipping costs.

One-time custom orders - Subscription customers have access to one-time custom orders. The customer is responsible for shipping costs.

Real Dog Box Membership

Subscribers can upgrade to a Real Dog Box Membership plan for $13 per month which includes the following:

  • One (1) free monthly dog health/nutrition consultation. Consultation calendar will open up for booking mid-August. - Avg $30 value per session

  • 1 hour early access to Secret Shop drops

  • Guaranteed what’s on the month’s RDB menu if you have a subscription box

  • Free shipping on everything including subscription boxes, Secret Shop, and one-time orders

Subscription boxes - Members have the option to continue with a monthly subscription box or not. If you are a member and only want to shop in the Secret Shop or place one-time custom orders you do not have to have a recurring box subscription.

Secret Shop - Members have access to the secret shop.

One-time custom orders - Members have access to one-time custom orders.

You may add an additional dog to your membership for $3 for each additional dog

You can add the membership at any time in your cycle.

You will have access to the benefits within 24 hours but you won't be charged for that cycle until your next box renews.

On your next invoice, you will see a prorated charge that will cover the membership from the day you upgraded until the end of that cycle, your box charge, and the $13 membership for new cycle.

The shipping you have already paid for that cycle will be refunded.

After that, you will be charged your regular box & membership total for future renewals.

How Shipping is Calculated

When your box is scheduled to renew, our system calculates the total weight of your box (based on what you ordered and the specific items in that box menu, including any restrictions); that weight is input into our shipping software, and the total then posts an invoice your account.

Shipments within the US are generally between $7-$13 per box. Larger orders or heavier weights will cost more but will be discounted through our bulk pricing shipping carrier. Orders with multiple boxes may be upward of $20. If you order the same box each month, you can expect your total to be nearly the same every month.

Rates will change as USPS changes their rates. Typically, there is an increase before the holiday season (October-January). They may also increase rates with the new year.

Secretshop orders will vary in weight - the shipping total is calculated and presented at checkout before payment. With the Real Dog Membership $13/month, all secretshop shipments are free.

You can text us to find out what that is approximately based on what you normally order and your location.

Inactive Members

If you previously had a Real Dog Box subscription but currently do not have a box or membership you are considered an inactive member.

Inactive members are welcome to resubscribe to a monthly box and/or membership.

One-time orders of the current lineup - Inactive members are able to place one-time orders of the current lineup plus shipping. (No customization. Restrictions will be subbed with an in-stock item chosen by RDB at the time of packing.)

Secret Shop - Inactive members do not have access to the Secret Shop.

One-time custom orders - Inactive members are not able to place one-time custom orders.

Please refer to our updated Terms of Service:

**Canadian Membership TBD**

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